Proven Ways of earning in Real Estate

Real estate is the topmost rewarding business. There are multiple ways of earning from Real Estate in India. You get to own a piece of tangible property, provide and improve housing for communities, and make money in multiple different ways. It may seem stressful and intimidating at first but will become easier and profitable once you gain experience. Fun Fact:- 90% of millionaires got their wealth by...

Difference between Real Estate and Stock Market

Real Estate vs Stock Market   Indian Investors invest 70% in Real Estate, 10% in the gold market,  5% in the Share Market, and 15% in crypto FD Mutual Funds and other kinds of assets. Here we will talk about two assets i.e.  Real Estate vs Stock market.   In the stock market person buys some quantity of shares in the companies which were issued by the owner of the company to make...

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